PRICE: $5000


ITEMID: 40618
VIN: 1HD1FRW18YY636989
MILES: 46133 (Actual Mileage)

Store Location: Nashua

This Item is available for purchase and can be viewed at our Nashua location.

Vehicle Details

We verified that this Road King starts, runs, and shifts. It has been upgraded with an aftermarket exhaust, high flow air intake, and a Mustang seat.

What Is An Opportunity Vehicle?

At National Powersports, we buy a lot of bikes. While many are fully serviced and sold with a warranty, some will not go through the process due of a variety of reasons including overstock, mileage, special purchase, cosmetic or running condition, or a simple lack of shop availability. For those vehicles, we sell them "as-is" from of our Outlet location in Merrimack, NH. We call these bikes Opportunity Vehicles, as they are sold at a substantial discount.

Just like purchasing a vehicle private sale from an individual, as-is purchases carry more risk than a premium bike with a warranty. It is important to see the vehicle in person so that you can make an informed decision. This is why we are making these bikes available for purchase in person at our Outlet store only. Our Outlet team is available to answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us at 603-598-2697.

If you are not comfortable buying a vehicle as-is, we have hundreds of fully serviced bikes that come with a warranty in stock at our Pembroke Location.