Our Showroom is open to the public, and we have implemented rigorous standards and procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of our team members. Per order of the NH 2.0 guidelines for the re-opening of retail establishments, our staff are wearing masks and we are adhering to the CDC social distancing guidelines (no handshaking, maintaining at least 6 feet of space, constant cleaning and disinfecting). For the safety of our staff, if you would like to browse the showroom you will be required to wear a mask. If you would rather not wear a mask, we are still happy to assist you outdoors as we have been for the last few weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Merrimack Location Closing August 1, 2019

As many of you have heard, we will be closing our Merrimack location Aug 1st. Please let me share with you the reasons why. Let’s first go back to why we acquired Second Wind BMW. They were an existing Triumph dealer, and it was a perfect opportunity to do some business model experimenting. They had a good reputation for treating people well, so they fit in with our core beliefs. I had been wondering if a branch location closer to the metropolitan areas of Nashua and Boston would increase our sales and customer base, and this was our chance to find out.

We developed a great team in Merrimack, and we learned some important lessons along the way. We innovated an honest way to sell as-is bikes using an Outlet model. We learned that people are ok buying as-is motorcycles, as long as they know everything about them, and everyone loves a great deal. But two locations can create confusion for customers when trying to find a bike and a big selection is extremely important. So, breaking up the inventory between two locations actually made it difficult for many of our customers.

The outlet model will be continued at our Pembroke location. Our inventory will be separated by type, with sales specialists for each category (Premium, As-Is, and Triumph). I’m very happy to report that every single member of our Merrimack team has a position available at our Pembroke store.

I know that the general feeling when a company closes a location is negative. I hope people realize that this is a decision born out of the desire to focus on doing one thing better than anyone else. We know how to bring good deals on used bikes to customers all over the United States. Merrimack was a profitable store with a fantastic team, but big bold companies make big bold moves. It’s time to focus on what we do best.

Nathan Sanel, President – National Powersports.


Concord Triumph Becomes First Member of the Triumph Triple-Ton Club!

Here's the official release from Triumph:

"Very special congratulations go out to Concord Triumph for selling their 300th new Triumph motorcycle of 2017 and officially becoming our first-ever dealership to achieve membership to Triumph’s Triple-Ton Club for dealers reaching 300 Triumph sales in a single year! Not only are they the top selling Triumph dealer in all of North America, but Concord Triumph’s current sales rank them as the sixth highest retailing Triumph dealer in the entire world! It’s a monumental achievement and true testament to Concord’s hard work and exceptional customer focus.

It’s been a stellar rise for the New Hampshire dealer, in just their third full year as a member of the Triumph family. They claimed their first-ever Ton-Up Award just last year, and stormed out of the gate in 2017 with the throttle pinned. They hit the Ton-Up in mid-April and by mid-August they were celebrating being the quickest dealer to hit Twin-Ton in history. Now with nearly two months left in the year they are celebrating another record-smashing milestone – their first Triple-Ton Award! Owners Nathan and Amy Sanel are quick to credit their incredibly dedicated Concord Triumph staff. “Hitting the Triple Ton is the result of exceptional people bringing exceptional results,” says Nathan. “Our highest priority has been to build a team of the best and brightest people possible and everyone put in a lot of hard work and effort. Thank you to our family at NPD/Concord Triumph. You should all be proud!” Nathan says he’s also happy to be selling the world’s finest British motorbikes. “The people who work at Triumph are enthusiasts with a passion for what they do, and it shows in the product. Their willingness to work as a team is a key factor in all of us hitting this milestone together. We are looking forward to 2018!”

group photo

Concord Triumph Hits The Twin-Ton!

Concord Triumph (a division of National Powersports) is the first Triumph dealer to hit the the Twin-Ton in 2017! Here's the official release from Triumph:

"Special congratulations go out to Concord Triumph for selling their 200th new Triumph motorcycle of 2017 and officially becoming this year’s first dealership to achieve membership to Triumph’s Twin-Ton Club! Concord has been off to a record-shattering year so far, setting a new mark for being the fastest dealer to reach 200 sales in a sales year. Now with nearly five months left in the year, they set their sights squarely on being our first dealer to 300 sales!

It’s been a stellar rise for the New Hampshire dealer, in just their third full year as a member of the Triumph family. They claimed their first-ever Ton-Up Award in October 2016, and now less than one year on, they are already claiming their first Twin-Ton Award! Originally founded by Nathan and Amy Sanel back in 2002 through a shared love of vintage motorcycles, Concord Triumph has now grown to a bustling 55,000 square foot retail store with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service as a cornerstone of their business.

“Concord Triumph’s success is due to one primary factor,” says owner Nathan Sanel. “The first line on the company service statement is ‘Tell the truth.’ That is the guiding principle for everything that we do. At the end of the day, it’s not just about making money. It is about building a company that has integrity and value to our customers. I am very proud of my team here!” On behalf of all of us at Triumph Motorcycles America, congratulations again to Concord Triumph for your stellar achievement! We truly appreciate all your hard work and outstanding representation of the Triumph Brand."

Inspired by an old racing term for “doing the ton” or reaching 100 mph, Triumph created the Ton-Up Club to recognize dealerships that sell 100 or more new Triumph motorcycles during a sales year. Encouraged by the phenomenal success of our dealerships, we later introduced the Twin-Ton Club (for dealers reaching 200 retail sales) and the Triple-Ton Club (for dealers reaching 300 retail sales). In appreciation for all of their hard work, dealers able to achieve these significant milestones will receive a special plaque and a unique identifier on the Triumph Motorcycles consumer website."

We want to thank all of our Triumph customers for placing your trust in us and becoming a part of the Concord Triumph family!


Second Wind BMW is now National Powersports!

We are proud to announce that National Powersports Distributors has acquired Second Wind BMW/Triumph! By combining the two largest volume Triumph dealers in the Northeast, we are positioned to create an even better experience for our customers. In addition to increasing the selection of new Triumphs, we now have available the largest selection of used Motorcycles and Powersports Vehicles in the area. We will continue to service both BMW and Triumphs in Merrimack, utilizing our professional certified technicians. Thank you, Darrell and Sandy. Building a business that puts customers first, as you have done, is hard to find. We are honored to have this opportunity. Please stop in and say hi! We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Nathan Sanel, President – National Powersports.


Here's a video tour of our Pembroke location, along with a look at the day to day operations. You can watch more of our videos right on our YouTube channel HERE.